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Letter To Senator Schumer 10/01/07


Letter to Governor Swarzenegger January 31, 2008 - Regarding the Code Pint  vs. Berkley's Marine Recruiting Office Protest:


I have always admired you and I believe you are an inspiration to immigrants, especially  today, that through the correct path, success in America can be achieved. 

 My Son is currently serving his 4th deployment in Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne.  I am very proud of my Son and we support him in his mission for victory in the Middle East!  He has been gone one year January 9th.  He hopes to be home in April. He is a Bronze Star Recipient and one tough Soldier.

 My Son, nor are any of our Soldiers, draftees,  They volunteered, each and everyone of them, to serve their beloved country.  My Son walked into the recruiting station right here in our town and joined the Army.  He joined right after 9/11.  Thanks to my Son and his brothers serving alongside him, this country and her people have been safe and sound since 9/11.  Our brave Soldier's choice to defend and protect their country and her people is gutsy and heroic.  It is heroism in it's purest form.  America became the great country she is by the blood, sweat, tears and ultimate sacrifice of the American Soldier!  The American Military is the Pride of this nation and the envy of the world!  

 The members of the Berkley City Council are a disgrace to America. When they add to their pathetic little group, the Code Pink maladjusted miscreants who think we Americans are the bad guys, well Governor, be careful there!  Even though you are the Terminator, these kind of people can even do in the Terminator.

 I am livid and incensed that the people who make up this Berkley City Council, do not want military recruiters near or in their schools!!!   What kind of "citizens" are these people?!  They do not want  the brave men and women of our military, who defend their rights and their freedoms, near their children!  What kind of "citizens" will this selfish and self-indulgent attitude produce?

 I cannot tell you how outraged I am by the decision of the Berkley City Council.  Are they not aware how much the military contributes to the economy of California?  Are they not aware how many folks visit California and spend their hard earned dollars in your state?   I have talked with people who will not return to your state, due to this reckless decision by the ungrateful Berkley City Council. 

 I called your office today and was told you cannot do anything about this situation.  I disagree: 

 It would help our Marines, our entire military,  their families and this country, to hear you condemn this irresponsible decision to grant Code Pink one day a week to harass our Marines.  It seems to me that not letting Soldiers off a tarmac and into the airport in California, coupled with this latest decision to insult and harass our military by these Berkley City Council brats, is Enough insult!  It is time for you to speak,  Governor.  It is important, and the right thing to do.   

  Thank You

Very Proud Mother of a Soldier in the 82nd Airborne
Beverly Perlson
Founder, The Band of Mothers

cc:  Mayor, Berkley, CA
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