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Letter To Senator Schumer 10/01/07


Letter to Mayor Tom Bates January 2008 - Regarding the Code Pint  vs. Berkley's Marine Recruiting Office Protest Vote:


To: mayor@ci.berkeley.ca.us

I was appalled at the decisions that your City Council made at your last meeting, telling the Marines they were not welcome in your city and then granting Code Pink a parking place in front of the Recruiting office free for six months along with a free noise permit. I called and left a message last week for you to call me, a Gold Star Mother whose son gave the ultimate sacrifice. It doesn't surprise me that you didn't return that phone call. Trust me I won't just go away!
My son Marc Alan Lee laid down his life 8-2-06 for American's to have all of the freedoms that we enjoy. He voluntarily went to his recruiter to find out what opportunities would be provided to him and what would be required for him to be a Navy SEAL. He was treated professionally and never once regretted his decision to become a Navy SEAL. He was honored to serve his country. He was stationed in California along with half of the SEAL community. I'm sure you've heard of the elite of the elite, as President Bush calls them. My oldest son Kristofer went to a Marine recruiters office in July 2000 and signed to be one of "The few, the Proud, The Marines." He also never regreted his choice and was also treated professionally and was proud to serve his country for 5 years. My son-in-law Christopher also visited an Army recruiter and proudly served his country for 3 years. I wish that you served as a Mayor with the same pride and love for this country and those men and women who would defend you unconditionally! Our military defends your freedoms and has written a blank check to you and your city and every American and they have told you to fill in the cost of that freedom up to and including the cost of their lives and you are telling these people they are not welcome in your city? How dare you!
I'm sure you continue to enjoy those freedoms that every man or woman who has served in our military has fought for you. Who do you think would defend you if the terrorists attacked your city? Who do you think would come if an earthquake devastated your city? Who do you think would come if their were riots in your city? How dare you try to legislate and change the laws of the land. I am demanding that you publicly apologize to the Marines and to our troops, and to their families and that you resend the legislation that you passed last week giving special rights to Code Pink.
Demanding Respect for our Troops,
Debbie Lee
Proud Mother of Marc Alan Lee
First Navy SEAL killed in Iraq 8-2-06


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