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Thanks to Mike of Eagles Up!

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Thanks to Mike of Eagles Up!

»History of Post Cards for Soldiers


Letter mailed to Nancy Pelosi on Mailed 11/12/07

11 November 2007

 To:        Nancy Pelosi, Mother and Grandmother
              Speaker of the House 
From:     Beverly Perlson, Mother of a Soldier  

 Madame Speaker, 

It is Veteran’s Day and, as the mother of a Soldier on his 4th deployment, I honor our Veterans today with this letter to you.  It is out of my profound respect for our Veterans that I speak to your treatment of our Soldiers who are serving now.   

When I wrote to you in May and asked that you get behind our Soldiers and support them, your approval rates were horrible. Now your approval ratings are the lowest of any Congress in the history of this country. As Speaker of the House, this should concern you, and as the Mother of a Soldier on his 4th deployment, your actions personally concern me.  Your negligent disregard for the SUCCESSFUL “battlefield” reports coming from Iraq is insulting and suspicious.  I find myself asking “Why isn’t Speaker Pelosi saying to the House and the President  “the surge is working, the reports are coming back good, let’s get this funding bill passed because our troops NEED our support over there?!” Your constant failure to acknowledge the daily accomplishments and tremendous strides made by our brave men and women in Iraq is “odd” and wrong and worrisome, and dangerous to my Son and all those serving.  The taunting of our Military by you, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and Dick Durbin, with cutting funding and granting funding in “increments,” is NEGLIGENT!   This endangers our Soldiers as well as the good Iraqis who are fighting alongside our Soldiers.  They too are risking their lives and their families’ safety because they want to live without the terrorists, the maniacal butchers who relish the sadistic torture and beheadings of their victims and who rejoice upon killing 3,000 innocent Americans in one single day.    

Shame on you as you aid and abet the enemy by undermining and hindering our troops while they are in harm’s way.  Legislators such as yourselves who choose to ‘disconnect’ themselves from direct “battlefield” reports from the Generals and Soldiers on the battleground are irresponsible and a threat to our Soldiers’ lives and their welfare. 

The following is a quote from Giap, General , Vietnam Military.  It is telling, factual, and should be a lesson to all on the devastating results of aiding and abetting the enemy:     

“What we still don’t understand is why you Americans stopped the bombing of     Hanoi !  You had us on the ropes.  If you pressed us a little harder, just for another day or two, we were ready to surrender!  It was the same at the battles of TET.  You defeated us! We knew it, and we thought you knew it.  But we were elated to notice your media were definitely helping us.  They were causing more disruption in America than we could in the battlefields.  We were ready to surrender.  You had won!”   

General Giap
Military, Vietnam

I, along with so many others, will not stand by quietly and allow our Soldiers to be treated as political pawns.  Nancy, I am reminding you, from one mother to another, that OUR Sons and Daughters, Mothers, Father, Sisters Brothers, are the Good, the Strong, the Proud, and the So Brave Soldiers that belong to all of us, and should never again be used as pawns for political gain. They are our Soldiers and they serve voluntarily, they are succeeding, and they need their funding, because they deserve the best equipment we have, and AS SOON AS WE CAN GET IT TO THEM!  I ask you to stop playing political games with their funding as you are harming our Soldiers, mentally and physically, and your are emboldening the terrorists.  Madame Speaker, when I watch your behavior daily, as well as Senator Reid, Schumer and Durbin, you remind me of General Giaps statement “They were causing more disruption in America than we could in the battlefields.”  Your actions are dangerous to my Son and all our Soldiers.  Stick up for our Soldiers and Support them through your actions. They are defending our freedom and our way of life and it is not a quirk or a coincidence that we have been safe from the terrorists since 9/11.   I remind you again of the warning from the Marine who came home wounded this past year.   When asked if we should pull out he answered decisively and with much stoicism that “all Americans need to realize these terrorists are emboldened by the audacity of the way we live our lives and they will not stop until they destroy us and our way of life.”  

As the Mother of a Soldier currently serving, I request your reassurance that you will support our Soldiers and fill their needs and requests. I hope you are more attentive to your mail than Senator Schumer.  I continue to wait for his response to my email dated 10/1/07, and follow-up certified letter received in his office on 10/14/07.  As parents, you should understand my concern for my Son and all our Soldiers, and as legislators, you should be seeking counsel with those on the battlefield, such as our Generals and the honorable Veterans and Active duty Soldiers of the Vets For Freedom.      

The Very Proud Mother of Sgt. John P. White, 82nd Airborne
Bronze Star Recipient

Beverly Perlson
Founder, The Band of Mothers

cc:  Senator Reid
       Senator Schumer
       Senator Durbin
       Pete Hegseth, Vets For Freedom
       Michelle Malkin
       Sean Hannity, Fox News  


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