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The logo and tag line for The Band of Mothers was created by the ingenious veterans at Ranger Up.  We are very honored and proud of the logo they designed and even more proud of the tag line they bestowed on us:  "Warriors Come From Warriors".

The Band of Mothers will do our very best to live up to this honorable motto.

Please note:  You do not have to be a mother to order a T-Shirt!

It has come to my attention that many folks want to order a Band of Mother's T-shirt but they haven't done so because they are not mothers! 

Please, anyone who loves and supports our troops and is tired of them being pushed around and treated shamefully, WEAR THIS T-SHIRT!!  We are all Warriors who stick up for our Soldiers!!  All of you are welcome and remember, the proceeds go to the Wounded Warriors and The Gathering of Eagles so your money is very well spent!  Thank you!  

 Beverly Perlson
Foudner, The Band of Mothers

Standard Sizes Are Now Available at the Ranger Up Website.  Order for your favorite Soldier Mom! 

Here is the link to the Ranger Up site where you can purchase The Band of Mothers Tee Shirt.

We encourage you to visit their website and give them your business. These are honorable and hard working veterans who support our soldiers and we know one thing for certain, if you want something done, ask a soldier!

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