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Thanks to Mike of Eagles Up!

History of Post Cards for Soldiers


Thank you!

It is our hope that every Soldier serving away from home knows you are all in our hearts and prayers.  What you do for all of us everyday to keep us safe and free means more than any words can ever convey.  Please know that so many Americans love you and hold dear your sacrifices.  Please know that our hearts are filled with your hearts and we will carry you there until every one of you are home and safe.  We wish you warmth and safety and 

May God hold you in the palm of his hand until we see you again. 

With Love and the Utmost Respect and Gratitude,

The Band of Mothers

PS  There are some really wonderful folks out there sending care packages and cards to you Soldiers in Afghanistan and the following is just another example of how much love and support you Soldiers have: 

I would like to thank with all my heart Chris Hill and all the passionate Philadelphia Veterans who have sent so many care packages to my Son in Afghanistan.  This Band of Brothers just sent over 20 boxes filled with goodies to my Son and the Soldiers over there!  These are Stoic Patriots and they sure take good care of you Soldiers, their brothers.  They do all this when not at work and with their own money.  How can I ever thank you for all you do and have done for my Son and all our Soldiers?  Knowing your love and devotion of our Soldiers I feel that you will accept as my deep appreciation my continued efforts and devotion to Step Up Stand Up and Stick Up for our Soldiers, until every last one of them comes home to us!  God Bless The Band of Brothers and may He watch over you as well and completely as you watch over your Brothers.  I swear, I love each and every one of you and there is no company I would rather be in than The Band of Brothers.  Thank You & May You and Yours Have a Very Merry Christmas!

To Dean Faux and The Hermanson Company in Kent, Washington:

What a wonderful patriotic company you are!  Dean, it was a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful daughter in DC in September and thank you for your participation at our rally in Support of our Troops!  Dean's company has sent over Christmas Cards to our Soldiers in Afghanistan and I can't thank you enough!   I know you must run a good business because  you are caring Americans who have not forgotten our Heroes at Christmastime.  Thank you from this mother's heart and May God Bless You With Good Health and a Bountiful Business in the coming year.  Good things happen to good people and kindness begets kindness.  You are all wonderful Americans and God Bless You and Your Families! 

To Dana at Butch McGuire's:

You are a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart.  Dana told me she was inspired when I collected Post Cards at Butch's and she called to tell me she is collecting Christmas Cards for our Soldiers in Afghanistan. God Bless and Watch Over You Dana, Your Family and all those patriots at Butch McGuire's.  When Johnny comes marching home again, we will come in and thank you personally! 

To Mary and Joe:

A very BIG THANK YOU to Mary and Joe for your boxes to my Son.  I know you both know what it means to Johnny and our Soldiers.  God Bless you both for all you do to support our Troops and their families.  You Patriot Guard Riders are doing God's work and thank you for the respect and dignity you provide the families of our Heroes.  You remind us of the Goodness  and Strength in America, and the Reverance and Love we have for our Brave and Noble Heroes.  With a mother's heart, thank you.

 PS  Thanks for your support on Ms. Nancy's corner.  For one whole week, we reminded Nancy, Harry, Dick and Chuck that we will not let them deny our Soldiers funding without a fight!!!  I can't thank you enough for coming all the way to DC to Stick Up For my Son and All Our Soldiers.  And it sure felt good to see Joe chase away Code Pink.  It really warmed this mother's heart and I'm so proud to know you both.  

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