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22 March 2008

My Eagle Has Landed,
My Son Is Home!!!

On March 20, 2008, my Hero, my Son, arrived home from Afghanistan !!!  For 436 days, I have prayed to God every night that He would bring my Son home safely.  For 436 nights, I slept with my TV on so that if there was any news whatsoever about my Son and the 82nd Airborne, I would know in my sleep!  For the first time in 436 nights, I turned the TV off and slept in peace.  There really are no words that can adequately express my gratitude and my relief to finally have my Son home, safe and sound.  He has served his country proudly and bravely since 9/11, and with each and every deployment, this mother’s heart was filled with pride and fear, all at the same time.  I have learned that the heart is the most amazing thing, for I believe it has given my Son the courage and strength to defend his Brothers and his country, over and over again.  I have Army citations of the firefights and combat my Son has engaged in, over and over again.  I believe it is his warrior heart that has carried him through these dire situations and brought him home to us.  I also believe the prayers that swelled in my heart in the little Chapel near our home helped to carry him home to us.  There were times I prayed so hard I thought my heart would swell up right out of me.  I thank God for the heart of a Warrior, for it is that beautiful heart that has provided safety and civility throughout the history of this great country.  I thank God this day for The Band of Brothers and their Warrior Hearts and I will carry all of you in my heart forever.  I will continue to pray with a swelled heart until every last Soldier comes home.

Thursday night this mother turned the TV off and slept peacefully, but the TV was back on last night and it will stay on every night until every Son and Daughter comes home!  I am blessed to have my Son home and I am most thankful to Chris Hill, Capt Larry Bailey "Howie", Viper Ash, Katie, Mary and Joe, Eva, all the wonderful Patriots of Gathering of Eagles, Free Republic, Move America Forward, Vets For Freedom, Families United, Eagles Up, and Freedoms Watch, for all you do to support our military.  You folks have done so much for the morale of our fighting men and women, and the support you provide to their families is beyond words.  Our hearts all beat as one and we are in this to the end.  You are the best darn company this mother has ever been in!   Thank you All!

To my beautiful Sister-in-law Pauletta, thank you for The Exceptional website  With your beautiful website, you have given this mother a voice to step up and stick up for the bravest Americans among us, our noble Soldiers.   They so need us now and we so need them now!  With all my heart, thank you! 

Lastly, thank you to my Son, Michael, who has been a real source of strength for me during all of Johnny’s deployments.  I don’t’ mind saying, I raised two fine Warriors and we will all celebrate next weekend, when I get to hug my Hero for the first time in such a long time!!!


My Hero, My Son!

Beverly Perlson
Founder, The Band of Mothers

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